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5/14/2014: We were at the BOCC hearing yesterday in regards to the proposed rezoning of the former Hudson Nursery property. As the developer had largely addressed the primary concerns from our last opposition (proposing a Neighborhood WalMart, WaWa, and the addition of a traffic light), there were only a few points we wanted to confirm at the hearing.

We confirmed that a traffic light application has already been disapproved for the Dale Mabry/Floyd Rd. intersection, and that the developer did not intend to further pursue a light. Unfortunately we were not able to have the barring of a traffic light included as a condition of approval because the intersection is governed by the FDOT and not under the purview of the county commission. Nevertheless the developer did go on record as confirming our agreement in this regard, and the denial email from FDOT for the light was put in the record as well.

Also the developer confirmed they would coordinate with the Enclave (the neighborhood across Floyd Rd. from the development) regarding the design of the "site wall" along Floyd Rd. Long story short - the commission approved the revised rezoning request.

Thanks for everyone's support over the last several years. With this we are mothballing the "813CARe" organization. That is unless and until we need to reactivate to defend our neighborhoods!

Brightwork files lawsuit to force Walmart/Wawa development

813CARe received notice that Brightwork has filed in federal court stating that their civil rights were violated by the 'no' vote from the Board of County Commissioners. 

We are contacting the County attorney to understand the process for this suit and will send an update once it is available.

Until then feel free to read the filing here...


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  • Keep Carrollwood beautiful!
    Keep Carrollwood beautiful!
  • Dale Mabry and Floyd Rd., proposed location of new TRAFFIC LIGHT
    Dale Mabry and Floyd Rd., proposed location of new TRAFFIC LIGHT
  • Dale Mabry in Carrollwood: morning rush hour...
    Dale Mabry in Carrollwood: morning rush hour...
  • THIS, will bring...
    THIS, will bring...
  • THIS!
Keep Carrollwood beautiful!
Keep Carrollwood beautiful!


Want to attend the meeting but need a ride?  Thanks to the generous underwriting of First Citrus Bank a bus will be transporting residents to and from Carrollwood to the Land Use Hearing.

The bus will pick up at the Publix shopping Center on the corner of Linebaugh Ave. / Dale Mabry Hwy. (aka “Original Carrollwood Publix”) at 7:15 a.m. and is scheduled to return by noon.

Send an e-mail to  [email protected] to reserve your seat.  Please provide your name(s) and phone number in your note.

Bring a friend, neighbor, stranger... anyone!